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Raw land is a hard-to-find and highly coveted asset that can be a valuable addition to any investment portfolio. Unlike other forms of real estate, its supply is limited, and it cannot be replicated or manufactured. As a result, its value tends to appreciate over time, making it an excellent long-term investment opportunity.

At The 5th Horse Land Assets, LLC, we specialize in helping investors like you acquire raw land. Rather than searching on your own, we offer a convenient option for finding and acquiring land. We have built a strong reputation in the land business, and landowners often come to us when they are looking to sell their properties. We handle every transaction personally, ensuring that you get the best possible investment opportunities. Some of these opportunities even offer landowner financing, making it even more accessible for you to invest in this 

Where Does “The 5th Horse” Name Come From?

“Good Horse, Bad Horse”

In his book Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, Zen master Shunryu Suzuki approaches the question of fast and slow learners in terms of horses.

It is said that there are four kinds of horses: excellent ones, good ones, poor ones, and bad ones. 

1.) The best horse will run slow and fast, right and left, at the driver’s will, before it sees the shadow of the whip.

2.) The second best will run as well as the first one, just before the whip reaches its skin.

3.) The third one will run when it feels the pain of being whipped.

4.) The fourth will run after the pain penetrates deep into the marrow of its bones.

You can imagine how difficult it is for the fourth one to learn to run. When we hear this story, almost all of us want to be the best horse…’ 

But this is a mistake, Master Suzuki says. When you learn too easily, you’re tempted not to work hard, not to penetrate into the “marrow” of the challenge or skill. The best horse, according to Suzuki, may be the worst horse. And the worst horse can be the best, for if it perseveres, it will have learned whatever it is practicing all the way to the marrow of its bones.”

Ashley & I feel like we would be the 5th horse; if there were such a thing.

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